Fujifilm’s new Polaroid climbing into higher-end territory


Fujifilm Corp has unveiled a new, higher-end model of its Polaroid instant cameras.

The new Instax Mini 90 Neoclassic comes in a sophisticated vintage design with more advanced features that may appeal to older camera enthusiasts than the more recently targeted younger users.

The Mini 90 Neoclassic can shoot multiple exposures and has shutter speeds up to 1/400 of a second, meaning it can be used in a range of lighting conditions.

This comes with a price. The camera costs about 20,000 yen ($210) in Japan and will hit the shelves globally on September 20.

A 10-shot roll of film, for the instant photograph printouts, costs 700 yen.

The previous models of Instax Mini – Fujifilm’s ‘cuter’ versions of instant cameras – costs as little as 6,000 yen.

Fujifilm, the first Japanese company to produce photographic film, said the new Polaroid camera provides nostalgia in an increasingly digitalized world.

“People crave something real, a physical object that is unique and that you can hold in your hand,” said Masato Yamamoto, general manager of Fujifilm’s photo imaging products division, on the sidelines of the camera launch at an event in Tokyo.

“Film yields an authenticiy that is often missing in a digital world.”

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: SimonQ/Flickr



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