TOPCo-ops halt fishing operations off Fukushima

Co-ops halt fishing operations off Fukushima

By MatthewEditor

All fisheries operations off the coast of Fukushima will be suspended as radioactive fallout from the crippled nuclear plant continues to raise concerns over contamination in the sea.

Two fisheries cooperatives, in Soma Futaba and Iwaki, which cover the northern part of the prefecture, told reporters Thursday they would stop trial operation at the end of August.

The move signals an indefinite shutdown of all local fishing operations off Fukushima.

Tokyo Electric Power Co said Tuesday that at least 300 tons of highly radioactive water were leaking from one of the storage tanks at the embattled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility.

Tepco said tainted groundwater had spilled into the adjacent Pacific Ocean through drainage channels, prompting an urgent call for clean up efforts.

The nuclear meltdown crisis, triggered by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, led to the halt of fishing operations off Fukushima due to radiation fears.

The Soma Futaba cooperative started trial operations off the city of Soma in June 2012, while the Iwaki co-op, which said it would start its first trial operation next month, dropped its plans.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Roberto De Vido/Flickr