TOPAround Asia: What’s with all the giant rubber ducks?

Around Asia: What’s with all the giant rubber ducks?

By MatthewEditor

The world famous inflatable Rubber Duck is to be upstaged by another of its brethren in Taiwan.

Keelung, a port city in the north near the capital Taipei, announced in July that it will be the home of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s art installation – a giant rubber duck – later this year.

“The yellow duck represents welfare, happiness and peace. By introducing it to the city, I hope it can bring our citizens the feeling of happiness,” Keelung city council speaker Huang Jing-tai told AFP.

He added that the giant yellow duck will remain permanently in Taiwan after its debut in Keelung.

But a surprise announcement by the southern city of Kaohsiung that it will recreate a larger version of the duck have apparently stirred waters.

Kaohsiung city’s government said Monday it had signed a memorandum with Hofman in June.

“We’ve kept our promise not to make the announcement until Mr. Hofman came to Taiwan to sign the full contract,” Zeno Lai, the head of the city government’s information bureau, told AFP.

The iconic rubber duck would draw millions of visitors and generate business worth $33.3 million, he said.

Huang declined to comment on Kaohsiung’s upset move. “I don’t want to compare Keelung with other cities,” he said.

The five story duck graced Hong Kong’s harbour after travelling to 13 different cities in nine countries, from Brazil to Australia.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Victor Lee/Flickr