Around Asia: Salacious Chinese officials caught in the act


The party was cut short for good-timing officials in China when a video of their escapades surfaced online.

Four senior Shanghai court officials were suspended when footage purportedly showing the judges cavorting with five scantily-clad women emerged, triggering widespread ridicule and disgust.

One video uploaded on Youku, China’s version of YouTube, was viewed more than 4.3 million times.

The Shanghai Higher People’s Court said it was “highly concerned about the incident and has launched an investigation into the case.”

One of the officials was allegedly Zhao Minghua, deputy judge at the No. 1 Civil Tribunal of Shanghai High People’s Court.

The blogger who leaked the video, Ni Peiguo, told The Beijing News he spent a year “stalking” Zhao and found he frequented nightclubs, owned several properties and had extramarital affairs.

State-run Global Times slammed the judges for showing “such abandon” in the video and urged Beijing to ban Communist Party officials from nightclubs in order to “protect them” from falling under the spell of prostitutes’ “seductive gazes.”

“We think it is necessary to severely punish those officials who engage in soliciting prostitutes and forbid officials from visiting nightclubs,” the newspaper said.

Officials who engage in “normal and legal entertainment activities” also risk stirring “public suspicion,” Global Times warned, saying ban is “for their protection”.

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: Remko Tanis/Flickr



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