Around Asia: Onion truck heist thwarted in India

Indian police say they have thwarted a bizarre attempt to run off with an onion-filled truck in the western city of Jaipur.

According to reports, three men stopped the produce truck and confronted the driver, claiming he had rammed their vehicle.

One of the men jumped behind the wheel and fled with the truck, while his accomplices hurried away.

But the men abandoned their loot and escaped on foot after realizing police had erected barricades on surrounding roads.

Police said the heist was apparently triggered by soaring prices of the staple food.

“Hijackers target loaded trucks to loot goods but it is not usual to target food or vegetables,” Ram Kishore, a policeman from the nothern district of Shahpura, told AFP.

Prices for onions, an essential ingredient in Indian cooking, have spiked due to shortages in supply.

A kilogram costs 60 rupees (less than a dollar) in the capital, up from as little as 15 rupees last year.

Onion prices have been highly politicized over the years. In 1980, Indira Gandhi exploited rising onion prices in her campaign rallies.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: knegtel/Flickr

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