Around Asia: Mystery rooftop temple has fingerprint scan lock


Worshippers at a mystery rooftop temple on top of a high-rise apartment building in China apparently believe that the closer you are to the heavens, the closer you are to the gods.

The temple, adorned with golden tiles and carvings of dragons and phoenixes, sits above 21 floors on the roof of the Meijia Square housing complex in Shenzhen’s Nanshan district.

Neighbors said they were unsure who the owner of the temple was, but said worshippers had been flocking to the shrine. Although the temple is tightly guarded from public access by fingerprint lock and cameras, according to reports.

A property agent said the temple was worth 15 million yuan ($2.5 million) and the apartment’s residents were “either high-ranking officials or very rich people,” the Yangcheng Evening news said.

The structure has been there for years.

The latest case of illegal rooftop construction recently gained attention after a Sina Weibo user posted a description of it.

“Such a rooftop construction is very unlikely to get approval,” Liu Minxing, a local official in Shenzhen said. “We can almost be sure that it is illegal.”

Rooftop constructions have come under intense public scrutiny in China over the past weeks, after a “mountain” penthouse sparked outcry over alleged abuse of privilege by the country’s elite.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Molly Des Jardin/Flickr



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