Around Asia: Indian baby “burst into flames” several times


The mother of a three-month-old baby boy said her son had randomly burst into flames several times, leaving doctors baffled over the startling condition.

The infant suffered mysterious burns all over his tiny body and was admitted to an intensive care unit at the Kilpauk Medical College Hospital in Chennai.

The baby allegedly caught fire four separate times. The first was when Rajeshwari Karnan, the boy’s mother, claimed she found her son on fire in their hut after leaving him alone momentarily.

“There was a flame on his belly and his right knee, and my husband rushed with a towel to put it off, Karnan told the New York Times.

They brought the baby to a local hospital but he had burst into flames separate times after that, the mother said.

Doctors investigating whether the infant suffered from “spontaneous human combustion” have already ruled out the condition after analyzing his sweat, blood, urine and genes.

Multiple medical tests have given no indication that the baby could in any way flare up without an actual cause.

Dr. Jagan Mohan, head of burns at the Kilpauk hospital, earlier brushed off the parents’ claims as a hoax.

“I still stand by what I said that there is no such thing as spontaneous human combustion,” he said.

There were speculations that the child was abused. The parents were quick to deny this, adding that they were forced to leave their home because villagers were blaming them.

“We’re not crazy to burn our own baby,” the father was reported as saying.

“Some people don’t believe us, and I am scared to return to my village and am hoping for some government protection.”

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: chmoss/Flickr



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