Around Asia: Incognito female cops patrol Indian streets

Authorities in India have yet to put an end to gender-related violence still lurking on the streets, prompting women to take matters of personal security into their own hands.

Incognito female police patrolled the western Indian city of Kolhapur, scouring the streets and college campuses for loitering men.

Police superintendent Jyotipriya Singh said policewomen in plain clothes checked various public places and dispersed young men hanging around for no reason.

“We took a drive and checked various public places and we went in civilian dress so we could see who was loitering around,” police superintendent Jyotipriya Singh said.

Women have been the target of lewd remarks and harrassment from bystanders, Singh added.

“If we can prevent molestation with this drive, I think we can prevent a future rape.”

A 22-year-old photojournalist was gang-raped in Mumbai by five men last week, the latest in a disturbing trend of violence against women in the country.

Mumbai police said they have arrested the five suspects who reportedly accosted the female photographer, who was with a male colleague before the men took turns raping her in an abandoned building.

The incident has once again turned the spotlight on the safety of women in India.

Even though the government has passed a tougher law against rape, crimes against women have not been curbed.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo:  azotesdivinos/Flickr

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