Around Asia: Chelsea smile now a beauty procedure in Korea


A new beauty procedure that permanently carves a perfect smile on one’s face by surgically cutting the corners of the mouth upward has been introduced in South Korea.

The new technique called “Smile Lipt” – whose name combines “lip” with “lift” – turns up the corners of the mouth into a smile, bringing to mind the ancient torture .

Seoul-based Aone Plastic Surgery said to the Atlantic the procedure is perfect for people with “short mouths” or “downturned mouth corners” who want an “elegant smile” for $2,000.

“After Smile Lipt surgery, mouth corners lifted upward even with just a little bit of movement and makes smiling lips, thus the middle part of upper lip won’t be lifted to show the gum,” Aone said on its Facebook page.

Those born with innately angry faces “suffer psychologically,” says Dr. Kwon Taek-keun, head of Aone.

“Even when you’re looking like your normal self, people keep asking you: ‘Why are you frowning?’” Dr. Kwon told Korea Real Time.

“That’s a lot of stress.”

The procedure is apparently increasingly popular among young men and women, especially those working in industries who need to plaster a smile on their face to meet with potential clients.

Although Aone has patented “Smile Lipt,” others say the procedure has been around for 50 years under the rather less catchy name, “Valentine anguloplasty”.

Aone said it has upgraded the older procedure mostly done by Western plastic surgeons.

“This method is different than the method introduced in the West, which only physically lifts up mouth corners.”

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: Gavin Kealy/Flickr



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