Around Asia: Camera phone-free campuses for India


Officials in the western Indian state of Maharashtra were envisioning camera phone-free campuses, apparently an attempt to curb cyber crimes and crimes against women.

It is hoped that the ban on mobile phones equipped with cameras – though it is rare to find someone who uses now archaic, camera-less phones nowadays – will stop the spread of “obscene” photos on the Internet.

Authorities were still seeking feedback from educational institutions and has yet to decide on how to enforce the ban.

Students were outraged that the state government is even considering such a move.

Mobile phones are a “necessity” for Maharashtra’s 1.8 million college and university students, an undergraduate said.

“If, suppose, we are absent from college, then we use our cell phones to go on YouTube or Google – we surf the net and we take our study material from there. It is also cost effective,” Nikhil Lade said.

Cellphone vendors also raised concerns that the ban could have an impact on their businesses, even though it was not clear how they would be directly affected if such policy is implemented.

The ban goes only so far as prohibiting such devices on school premises.

According to AFP, there is no indication that the ban would, in any way, prevent cyber crimes in Maharashtra.

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: Ajay Tallam/Flickr



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