Around Asia: Amazon satire dupes Chinese media


Reports that the founder of Amazon accidentally bought The Washington Post spread among Chinese newsrooms this week.

The story by comedian Andy Borrowitz goes that Amazon chief Jeff Bezos purchased the American daily newspaper by “unwittingly clicking on it“.

While the joke made rounds online – it was run by The Onion and The New Yorker – Chinese media, including state-run Xinhua news agency and People’s Daily Online, reported it as fact.

Apparently, they failed to catch the punchline.

This is not the first time Chinese media was embroiled in an embarrassing gaffe.

In November, People’s Daily Online was fooled by a report by The Onion stating that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un was the sexiest man alive in 2012. The story included an amusing slideshow of Kim’s photos.

China Central Television also fell for an April Fool’s joke from British businessman Richard Branson that Virgin Airlines would begin flying passengers in a glass-bottomed airplane.

by Maesie Bertumen

Image: Flickr



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