Around Asia: 6-year-old has eyes gouged out, doesn’t know it yet


Guo, a six-year-old boy known by his surname, lies on a hospital bed with his eyes bandaged, waiting for the sun to rise.

But the young boy will never see again, after his eyes were gouged out in a horrific attack in Shanxi province, northern China.

The parents of Guo (not pictured above) said they found the boy covered in blood after he went missing while playing outside their home in Fenxi country Saturday evening. They didn’t notice his eyes were missing at first.

According to reports, an unknown woman lured the boy to the field, drugged him and removed his eyes with a tool.

His eyes were recovered nearby, a police officer who declined to be named told AFP.

Police have yet to identify the woman’s motive. Local reports initially believed the attack was an attempted organ trade but police ruled out such claims after the corneas were found, attached to the eyeballs.

Police are now searching for the woman and have offered a 100,000 yuan ($16,000) reward for information on the suspect.

The boy’s family now face a heartbreaking dilemma: how to tell the young boy he will be blind for life.

“He asks the sky is always dark … and why the dawn still hasn’t come,” Guo’s uncle was quoted by Beijing Youth Daily as saying.

Guo was brought to Shanxi Eye Hospital and is now in stable condition.

by Maesie Bertumen

Photo: 37°/Flickr



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