Good morning T’ai Chi in Tokyo

A session of T’ai Chi, conveniently located in Roppongi Hills, could be the perfect start to a summer’s day in Tokyo.

For a limited time this summer, Tokyoites can take part in learning (or practicing) the Chinese martial art, early enough that the temperatures are still bearable. Don’t let the slow movements fool you: T’ai Chi is not only practiced for its health benefits, but also for defense training…

Whether you’re seasoned at the art or simply curious about learning, T’ai Chi master Ayato Makita will demonstrate the movements to all-comers for 14 consecutive mornings this month. Makita hails from Ehime prefecture on Shikoku island, and has studied the martial art since 1979. He has published several books and DVDs on the subject, and has been leading the annual Roppongi Hills T’ai Chi mornings since 2003.

Loose and comfortable clothing is recommended for the event, to which admission is free. In addition, participants who attend five times will receive a ¥500 voucher that can be used at restaurants in Roppongi Hills.

Morning T’ai Chi (click here for more information)

When: July 29 – August 11 (every day), 7:30-8:15

Where: Roppongi Hills Arena (see map)

How much: Free

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Image: Doug Hay/Flickr

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