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Free Poutine Day

By Vivian Morelli

In case you’re not familiar with poutine, you’ve either been missing out your whole life or about to make an important discovery – for free.

Poutine is to Canadians what a bowl of steaming ramen at 4am is to many of us in Japan – a satisfyingly hot, addictive salty mess of piled up French fries and thick gravy, sprinkled with cheese. The dish is typically French Canadian, and although it originated in the province of Québec, it’s now eaten all over Canada, and in many parts of the US. It’s everything that is not haute cuisine, and it’s the comfort food and post-drinking fare loved by so many we’re surprised it hasn’t really taken off in its true form here in Tokyo yet.

Enter Robson fries, a small French fries joint that made its debut in Shimokitazawa exactly a year ago and introduced poutine to Tokyoites – and rejoicing French Canadian expats (there’s only a handful).

To celebrate its one-year anniversary, Robson Fries is offering free servings of poutine to the first 500 customers on its birthday, June 11. It’s definitely not the healthiest dish, but somehow Robson Fries use ‘rice oil’ with no trans fats, so you don’t have to feel so sorry about your pre-beach diet. The shop also sells chicken wings, and all kinds of poutine toppings: onion, sausage, jalapeños, meatballs, popcorn chicken, and even corn.

Get there early and have a try!

Free Poutine Day – Robson Fries

When: Tuesday June 11, from 12pm

Where: Robson Fries, Shimokitazawa (see map)

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Main image: sashamd/Flickr