Bacardi Midpark Cafe


Everyone knows (or at least they should) that a mojito tastes better with white rum that was actually made and aged in Cuba, but Bacardi gives it a go every summer and when the sun is shining most of us aren’t complaining… 

Rooftop beer ‘gardens’ may be one of the best things about Japanese summer, but a slightly classier – and greener – alternative sees plenty of us heading to the spacious lawns around Tokyo Midtown. Here’s one for the diary…

The Bacardi Midpark Cafe, which occupies a spot just outside the entrance to 21_21 Design Site that often hosts seasonal cafes and events – last time we checked they were selling whisky highballs – serves copious quantities of white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and of course fresh mint in the shadow of one of Tokyo’s most iconic and stylish buildings.

The cafe opens up all summer to serve frozen mojitos and an assortment of cocktails that will vary from week to week, and a nice after work vibe is generally guaranteed, though you’ll need to get there early to secure your seat from around 100 that are spread around the venue… Food is also available if all that drinking opens up your appetite.

Bacardi Midpark Cafe (click for official site)

When: July 19 – Sept. 1 (Mon-Fri 17:00-22:00, Sat-Sun 15:00-22:00)

Where: Tokyo Midtown, Midpark Cafe (see map)

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Image: Ciera Holzenthal/Flickr



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