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Techno Udon

By Vivian Morelli

A Tokyo group is learning how to make udon… to the beats of techno music.

This hybrid dancing/dining event was perhaps one of the strangest we’ve come across in a long time, so we thought it deserved looking into a little more: If you’re a fan of the udon noodles and techno music, and aren’t shy, you’re in for a treat…

To the rhythm of the music played by a DJ, udon will be kneaded – with the feet apparently – and as attendees follow the beat and dance for an hour or two, the mixture of flour and water will be turned into one of Japan’s best dishes.

Different types of noodles following regional tastes will be made, such as Sanuki udon, which is a thick, al dente type from Kagawa prefecture; usagi udon from Osaka; and a specialty from Okinawa. Liquor will be sold to accompany your meal – or to make you dance longer and make sure that dough is well-kneaded…

It takes place in a math cram school (juku) and is an annual event, so if you’re curious about that mix we recommend you check it out for yourself. RSVP needed at [email protected]

Techno Udon (click for more info in Japanese)

When: June 9th, from 11:00

Where: Asakusa Sansujyuku (see map)

How much: ¥2,000

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Main image: potaufeu on Flickr