La Fée Délice


Authentic crêpes and refreshments at this colourful French cafe.

As exhausting as Harajuku can be, there are a handful of treasures peppered across the bustling neighbourhood, and La Fée Délice is one of them. Literally wedged in a little nook off ‘Cat Street’, this is the ideal place to take a breather from shopping and the loud crowds. The interior has only six or seven tables, but if the weather is nice another handful are set outside.

The place specializes in crêpes, the delicious thin pancake that has nothing to do with those sickeningly sweet and creatively-filled concoctions sold on nearby Takeshita-dori – this is the real deal. Both savoury and sweet crêpes are served there, so if you’re hungry for a meal you should order one of the galettes, which is buckwheat-based and topped in a few variations: the classic ham, cheese and egg, or if you feel more adventurous, you can add anchovies or blue cheese. If you’re just down for a snack (or dessert…), try a sweet crêpe – we loved the vanilla sugar and the ubiquitous banana-chocolate combo. Most crêpes are priced around ¥900-1,500.

Alcoholic drinks such as cider, wine and beer are served, along with the usual tea, coffee and soft drinks, which makes it the perfect place for a leisurely afternoon catching up or reading. The baroque-like decor and dark tones are typically Parisian, and the staff is both Japanese and French, so if you’re up for some small talk in French, this is the place to hit.

La Fée Délice (official website)

5-11-1 Jingumae, Shibuya (see map)

Open: 11:30-23:00

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