TOPMidtown Sakura Light-Up

Midtown Sakura Light-Up

By Vivian Morelli

It’s officially hanami season, albeit a few days earlier than planned. Although we find the best way to check out the blossom is while lounging in parks consuming copious amounts of alcohol, the most beautiful way to view the flowers could just be at night…

For the whole duration of hanami season (and then some), Tokyo Midtown is offering the alternative to its winter illuminations, this time swapping the snow-like dazzle to a more flowery one. Before in full bloom, the trees will be lit up by pink lights in anticipation for the pink buds. After they reach the full blossom stage, the lights will be changed to white, apparently enhancing the soft pink hues…

In addition to strolling amidst the lit-up trees, a special sakura lounge will be set up alongside the sakura street, where you can sit and sip on blubbly while gazing at the flowers – perhaps a more ‘sophisticated’ way to do hanami? Speaking of which, you can also hire a horse carriage and parade amidst the trees.

Nearby art galleries will be putting their own twist on the cherry blossom season, so make an event out of it and head to Midtown in the evening to do hanami in a different way.

Sakura Light-Up

When: March 20 – April 14

Where: Tokyo Midtown

Main image: Marufish on Flickr