N.Y. Cupcakes


Just when we were about to give up on our cupcake quest, we stumbled upon this little gem hidden behind the train tracks.

Some of us here at Tokyo Weekender take cakes quite seriously: we asked around and scoured the entire city to find the best cakes and shared them with our readers a few months ago, but even then we knew the quest would be ongoing. Even though Tokyo boasts some of the most skilled pâtissiers in the world, those cakes usually come with a price tag and are definitely not the kind you can just pick up during a train transfer.

Enters N.Y. Cupcakes, a tiny little pink shop – more like a window, really. The pastry chef is busy making batter with the (pink) Kitchen Aid mixer, a handful of people is queuing up and the glass display presents rows and rows of little cakes, each more colourful than the next. We were suspicious about this shop, as pretty-looking does not always equal good tasting, but we gave it a go. Could the cakes live up to their namesake? Did they taste like actual New York cupcakes?

Yes, they did. They were a perfect balance of frosting and cake, and the cake part was crumbly and rich in taste, just like it should be. The frosting was buttery yet not too sweet. We tried the chocolate cupcake and the milk chocolate one, which are quite different despite the similar names. Other flavours available include strawberry, raspberry, tiramisu, green tea, lemon, caramel and apple, shortcake, and marshmallow. Not all the flavours are always available on any given day, but it’s possible to order as they cater for events.

Cupcakes are take-out only, but they come in the most adorable pink box. The baker was especially enthusiastic and smiling – not the up-market pretense of some more posh parts of town… If you’re ever at Meidaimae station, step outside, walk a few steps behind the tracks and you can’t miss the bright shop – treat yourself to a few bite-sized cupcakes, which also make for amazing gifts.

N.Y. Cupcakes

Where: along the tracks between Meidaimae and Shimo-Takaido stations, see map

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Main image: Cupcake Central (Sheryl) on Flickr

Text by Vivian Morelli



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