Tokyo Fan Week

For people who call Tokyo their home and visitors alike, Tokyo Fan Week is for anyone who loves Tokyo…. and it lasts a full month.

Whether you’re a seasoned Tokyo dweller and know about all the secret spots, or are a visitor of our beloved city, here organisers hope you can learn a thing or two and try something different. Aimed at Tokyo enthusiasts, the event presents a fresh perspective on Japanese culture while uncovering the essence and heart of modern Tokyo.

The festival is centered around the Omotesando area, which is one of the most popular for tourists and trend-setting locals. Participating shops will be offering major discounts and special gifts, so make sure to stop by your favourite boutiques. Free guided tours of sought-after apparel shops will be offered, and style gurus can even opt for the trendier “fashionista course”.

Tokyo Fan Week

It’s also a chance to try your hand at traditional Japanese crafts, as workshops will be held- take your pick amongst Tokyo ginki silverware, Tokyo shippo cloisonné enamel, and Edo Kiriko cut glass. If crafts are not your cup of tea, you can attend a sake tasting, or get technical by learning how to wrap a tenugui cloth.

In addition, good news for the tech-savvy crowd: break out your tablets and smartphones, because on Feb 1st, 2013, Omotesando is going online. Free Wi-Fi will be available anywhere in the area, and may we say, it was about time…

See the detailed schedule here.

Tokyo Fan Week (English website)

When: Feb. 1-28

Where: Omotesando/Harajuku area

Main image: Vaice-A on Flickr

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