Yoyogi Candle Garden


Just in time for Christmas, one of Tokyo’s most popular parks is featuring a different kind of illumination, for one day only.

December is all about the sparkle and the dazzle, and every corner of Tokyo seems to have its own kind of illumination. Not to be left out, Yoyogi Park is getting into the glittering holiday spirit by putting on a more subdued light show, in the form of candles. Thousands of them, some of them white, some of the coloured, spread all over the park’s grounds (well, part of it!)

Don’t expect candles simply positioned randomly on the ground, as it’s rather an art installation – look carefully and you’ll see different motifs and patterns, such as a rose-shaped one, complete with a coloured stem and petals.

This is a one day only event, actually only for a few hours after sunset, so we hope the weather suits.

Yoyogi Candle Garden (Japanese site)

When: Saturday Dec. 22, 17:00-21:00

Where: Yoyogi Park (near Harajuku gate)

Main image: MJ/TR (´・ω・) on Flickr



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