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Waiting for the First Train

By Vivian Morelli

Waiting for the First Train at Tokyo Station Gallery

To celebrate its newly restored facade, Tokyo station is presenting a special exhibition for both train aficionados and art lovers alike.

A few weeks ago, the Marunouchi wing of Tokyo station re-opened after undergoing a 5-year long facelift. Some 400,000 bricks were used in the project for the distinguished European-style building, which was originally built in 1914 but heavily damaged during the second world war.

After the revamp, the building now boasts three times the original floor space, as well as a tourist information center for foreign visitors. The very first exhibition to take place in the restored building is called “Shihatsu-densha wo Machinagara“, which literally means “While waiting for the first train of the day“.

The importance of the railway system in Japan is reflected in the artwork – as we all know, Japan relies heavily on its efficient train system to get busy people places on a daily basis, whether it’s in the city or rural towns. In Japan especially, trains have something of a cult following: complete with railway fans who collect train memorabilia and photograph different train structures and prototypes.

This special showcase reveals artworks through various kinds of media: photography, sculpture, installations and video and film work. It presents nine groups of artists, including landscape photographer Daisaku Oozu and art unit, Paramodel. In the eyes of each artist, trains, traveling and waiting are represented in unique ways, and this will surely please a vast crowd – after all, we more or less all use trains on a daily basis to get around the city.

Waiting for the First Train (Japanese)

When: until February 24th, closed on Mondays.

Where: Tokyo Station Gallery (see map)

How much: Adults ¥500, free for students of Junior High School & under

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Main image: Twicepix.