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Kimono Sale

By Vivian Morelli

You’ve done the countdown, rang the bell, prayed at a shrine… now what? Japan’s most gorgeous garment is on sale near you, might be the chance to snag one.

The Japanese kimono is one of the most intricate, beautiful traditional items one can possess. Buying a brand new kimono from a department store can set you back literally millions of yen (or thousands of dollars or pounds, if you prefer!), as each one requires some hand stitching and delicate fabrics.

Thankfully, there are ways to get your hands on some affordable (read: very cheap) kimonos, and this kimono sale is one of them. From as low as ¥1,000, you can browse through a large selection of second hand kimonos and accessories (a kimono comes with an array of ties, socks, undergarments and footwear), and hopefully leave with a few shopping bags.

Not sure you’ll ever have the occasion to wear a kimono? Regardless, it makes for a good souvenir or gift for friends or family abroad, and there are always occasions to wear a kimono in Japan: festivals, weddings, or just for the mere pleasure of strutting around in the elegant gown. Also, kimonos are not solely limited to women; men and kids can find something as well.

Plus, New Years always leave the big cities a bit deserted, so it’s a nice chance to enjoy the Red Brick Warehouse area in Yokohama.

Kimono Sale (Japanese)

When: January 1 and 2, 11:00-19:00

Where: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse (see map)

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Main image: musumemiyuki on Flickr