Whisky Hills 2012


With November comes the cold weather, and with cold weather comes the need to stay warm… sipping and tasting whisky may just be the way to stay toasty!

Fun whisky facts:

– Don’t choose your spelling on a whim: there are two legitimate ways to write the word on the lips of drinkers worldwide. Make that a whisky to the Scots and Canadians, and a whiskey to the Irish and Americans.

– Don’t even think about calling that concoction a whisky until it’s matured for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks.

– A whisky stops maturing after it is bottled and a closed bottle may be kept for more than 100 years and still be good to drink. (source: masterofmalt.com)

Whether or not you knew about those facts, if you enjoy the taste of whisky, you might take a liking into this event. Head down to Roppongi Hills for a bit of early Christmas spirit, complete with illuminations, festive fare and both kinds of spirits.

The concept of the event is to invite the public to explore the world of whisky: selected shops and restaurants have teamed up to offer different types to taste, as well as custom-made menus created for the event, chocolate sets and more to accompany your drink.

The event lasts until Christmas, a time during which customers can simply present the festival coupon to the participating shops, order one food item and be served a glass of whiskey for the mere sum of ¥100. In addition to the tastings (you can view the calendar for each kind here), you can also sip your drink with the illuminations as a backdrop, attend a free party to the sounds of selected DJs, and stock up on Christmas presents in the gift shop.

Whisky Hills 2012 (Japanese)

When: Nov. 12 – Dec. 25

Where: Roppongi Hills, various venues (see map below and complete listing on the website)

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Main image:  tienvijftien on Flickr



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