Tokyo Mushikui Festival


This festive feast is not for the faint of heart: cockroaches, larvae, spiders, grasshoppers, ants and beetles, just to name a few, are part of the most talked about dinner of the month.

Entomophagy literally means the consumption of insects as food, so here we go…

Apparently over a thousand species of bugs are edible and indeed while eating them you might be doing the world a favour; it turns out those little critters are a cheap and sustainable source of protein and that dining on them means you’ll damage the world much less than if you had a cow or two strolling about your back yard.

Some prefectures of Japan, even those with larger beasts roaming their fields, call insects their own food. And grasshoppers (inago) are almost popular enough for the locals to pretend that anyone actually still really eats them in certain rural areas of Nagano, Gunma and Yamagata.

If you think you can stomach a few critters, professional insect chefs (there is such a thing!) will be on-site at this event, cooking up insects and presenting our many-legged friends in potentially all-to-many ways.

Poking around the insect eating festival’s website gives a glimpse of various dishes, such as pancakes, chocolate puddings and soups – all with an insect twist.

On the day, expect activities such as workshops, conferences and even a dish contest. The Tokyo Insect Eating Club present the event, which means that yes, there really is something for everyone in this city.

Not sure we’re quite convinced we’ll immediately replace burgers with roaches, but it could be worth a try…

Tokyo Mushikui Festival (Japanese)

When: Friday Nov. 23, 17:00-20:30 (doors open at 16:00)

Where: Momozono Kaikan, Nakano (see map)

How much: ¥2000

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Main image: Blueberry87 on Flickr

Text by Vivian Morelli



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