TOPTokyo Drift Odaiba

Tokyo Drift Odaiba

By MatthewEditor

Tokyo Drift event brings Fast and the Furious to life

If you were that kid playing Gran Turismo in the 90s with a joy pad who then got all excited by the Fast and the Furious movies (and there’s soon to be a sixth if you haven’t grown out of that), you’ll want to head over to Odaiba this weekend.

Even if you have grown out of your drift fantasies and operate your motor with a wholly more sensible behind-the-wheel philosophy, watching Tokyo Drift (not Vin Diesel but the real stars of the Gran Turismo D1 Grand Prix) may get you back in the mood.

Saturday sees the season-finale, round seven of the Grand Prix, at Aomi, in Odaiba, with drivers from all over Japan competing for the prize – and the kudos from the baseball-capped and logo’d-up fans in the crowd.

On Sunday, at the same venue, an event titled ‘D1 Grand Prix Presents D1 Champions’ will bring top drifters back to the track to show off some of their moves – this is certainly not all about reaching the checkered flag: think style (and smoke and sound) over speed.

Tokyo Drift

Where: Aomi, near Higashiyashiyo Station (Yurikamome Line) – see map below.

When: Saturday and Sunday December 1 and 2, 9am – 5.30pm

How Much: ¥6,500 – ¥7,500

For more information see the D1 Professional Drift Series website.

Main image of the event at the same course in April: Taka Suzuki

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