Setagaya ‘Bread Festival’

A festival of bread brings all things yeasty together for a celebration next week; call it what you will, la Fête du Pain, pan matsuri or just plain old bread festival.

French-inspired bakeries are popping up everywhere (whether you think it tastes like French bread or not!), and despite the questionable authenticity of typically Japanese concoctions (melon pan, for one!) and the fact that bread is not a traditional staple here, baking is actually done quite well: if you extend your scope beyond what’s offered at the supermarket.

Setagaya is well known on the Tokyo bread scene (trust us, there actually is such a thing…) for having many high-quality bakeries and is even, temporarily, to be home to the Setagaya University of Bread. With workshops and bake-offs and a smell that will make even the stuffed feel hungry, this is one festival we can get down with.

Think food and drinks stalls, talk shows and of course – samples. The festival’s concept is “share“, as in break bread with your neighbours and donations boxes will be set around to help out for the Great Tohoku Earthquake.

Setagaya Bread Festival (Japanese site)

When: Friday Nov. 23, 10:00-17:00

Where: Ikejiri Institute of Design (see map or follow your nose…)

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Main image: bhamsandwich on Flickr

Text by Vivian Morelli

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