Piece of Peace


Lego for grown-ups! A charity exhibit that features World Heritage Sites built with Lego blocks… we’re curious.

Most of us probably grew up playing with the colourful little bricks: after all, they’ve been manufactured since 1949, and assembling the pieces to create all kinds of shapes never got old.

Some of us put our Lego bucket away upon graduating from primary school, but others kept constructing and turned it into a career.

Kazuyoshi Naoe definitely never stored away his Lego blocks and has become one of the company’s certified builders (apparently, he is the last certified builder as they may have stopped the certification). He has supervised the construction of replicas of 40 World Heritage Sites from 27 different countries: the Pyramids, the ruins at Angkor Wat, Mont St. Michel, cultural heritage sites in Kyoto, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, historical Vienna, the Sydney Opera House, Toshogu Shrine in Nikko and many more.

And all this the playfulness is dedicated to a good cause which makes us want to go even more. Proceeds from sales at the exhibition (expect Lego and replicas and other fun artifacts) will go towards UNESCO to help with the preservation of the real sites.

Piece of Peace website (Japanese)

When: From Nov. 2 to Dec. 3

Where: Parco Museum (see map)

How much: Adults ¥400/ Students ¥200

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Main image: ajari on flickr



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