Cheese Festa

Apparently, November 11 has been designated as “National Cheese Day” in Japan – head down to Harajuku for the day to get your cheese fix!

Although the variety is limited and the prices are high, cheese has been getting more and more attention lately in Japan, and dairy is popularly enjoyed all over the country.

While the introduction of cheese goes back some 1300 years, its introduction to mainstream Japanese dining came about during the Meiji Era of late 19th century.

Despite the fact that cheese does not lend well to traditional Japanese cuisine, it’s often consumed as a snack, with crackers or on dishes such as pizza and salads. Nowadays, cheese (both Japanese kinds and imported) is widely available at most supermarkets and is a part of the Japanese daily life.

Already at the 21st edition of Cheese Day, the event will present over 250 varieties of cheese. The aim of the event is to introduce different kinds of cheese to the public, and various samples will be offered to taste.

Cheese will be not only available to taste but also to buy, and we heard a “Cheese Master” will be present to answer all your cheese-related questions. A cooking contest and talk show are also part of the event, so come hungry and leave with some fun purchases.

Cheese Festa (Japanese)

When: Nov. 11-12, 11:00-20:00 (ends at 19:00 on the second day)

Where: Belle Salle Harajuku (see map)

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Main image: Rubber Dragon on flickr.

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