Hello Kitty Fair

As if you don’t see enough of Hello Kitty as it is when wandering around Tokyo, the Hello Kitty Fair at Ginza’s Mitsukoshi department store could give you your daily fix in edible form.

She’s as tall as five apples and weighs three apples, she is good at baking cookies, and her real name is Kitty White, apparently…

Love her or hate her, she is the quintessential kawaii symbol. Hello Kitty was first introduced back in 1974, making her first appearance on a coin purse and ever since, has appeared on every item imaginable: school supplies, fashion accessories, home appliances (Hello Kitty toaster?) and random others such as airplanes, wedding dresses, houses, bars and amusement parks.

For a limited time, her cute face will be found plastered all over confectionaries in the swanky (and must-see) food section of the Mitsukoshi department store. For the occasion, a selection of sweet and shops have collaborated with Hello Kitty to adorn their goods with the feline: think macaroons, mousses, croissants, crackers, bento and even, we’re told, an apple vinegar.

Goods range from about ¥500 for smaller items up to a whopping ¥12,600 for the ‘jewelry water’, the latest trend in water, which is essentially, it seems, a fancy name for a jeweled water bottle.

If you despise the cat, then you might feel good taking a giant bite out of a Hello Kitty-shaped cake…

Hello Kitty Fair

When: Oct. 31- Nov. 6, 10:00-20:00

Where: Ginza Mitsukoshi (see map)

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Main Image: Christian Lau on flickr.

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