Halloween in Tokyo


With countless event and party options for Halloween season, Tokyo Weekender rounded up the best events so you can pick wisely, or try to go to all of them…

Halloween seems to be (almost) everyone’s favourite holiday: less stressful than Christmas or New Years and requiring less preparation and budget, as you can basically throw anything on and call it a costume. Halloween is a chance to be creative, scary, unique, and to come up with fantastic ideas or become someone (or something!) you’ve always wanted to be.

Here’s a guide to some of the scariest Halloween events happening in Tokyo; from clubbing to family day outings… Click on the event titles to go and find out more at their websites, and be careful out there!

Showa Kayo Night Halloweenie

Probably the earliest, cheapest, AND with the best music. The regular, well-loved retro event will put a Halloween spin on their Japanese selection of songs from the 50s to the early 80s.

When: Thursday Oct. 25, from 20:00

Where: Rhythm Cafe, Shibuya

How much: ¥300 music charge

Tokyo Schoolnight – Monster’s Ball

This should be interesting: hipster central Trump Room is putting on its regular school uniform night, but with a ‘scary twist.’ Non-school related costumes are also allowed, in case you don’t happen to possess a school uniform… Slightly unfair pricing for the boys but we doubt they’ll be complaining.

When: Friday Oct. 26 from 23:00

Where: Trump Room, Shibuya

How much: Boys ¥2,000 / Girls ¥1,000 with costume / ¥5,000 without costume

Beyond Wonderland 2012

Unlike the past few years, this year’s event will take place in four different venues around Roppongi, with four very different themes, ranging from “Sports Night” to “Edo Wonderland”. A single ticket gets you entry to all of them, so have fun hopping from one to another.

When: Saturday Oct. 27 from 21:00

Where: Four venues around Roppongi (click here for details)

How much: ¥5,000 (buy tickets here for an advance ¥1,000 discount)

Left For Dead

With an abandoned hospital on the edge of Shinjuku for a venue, this event represents what Halloween should be about: seriously scary hi-jinx, with a creative twist that seems more fun that overly serious. That’s not to say there aren’t rules; Guests are required to stay all night until 5am to receive their ‘treatments’ (and listen to the DJs, watch performers and take part in the arty installations) but costumes are not required as all patients will receive a complimentary hospital gown. After Halloween, if you didn’t get your fix in October.

When: Saturday Nov. 3 23:00-5:00 (entrance strictly only between 23:00 and 01:00)

Where: Tamai Hospital, Hatagaya

How much: ¥3,000 at the door/ ¥2,000 in advance (buy here)

American Apparel Halloween Party

For fashionistas and Halloween aficionados alike, the American Apparel Halloween party will take place in the Shibuya branch of the shop. Arrive early to pre-party with complimentary cupcakes and chocolate kisses to feast on while drinking a few beers in the hipster boutique. It ends early, but the party continues all night on a 15th floor overlooking the city, at Legato (click here for details).

When: Saturday Oct. 27, 19:00-22:00

Where: American Apparel Shibuya

How much: ¥5,000 (buy tickets here for an advance ¥1,000 discount)

Kawasaki Halloween Parade

For those with families or people not so keen on a rowdy all-nighter, the Kawasaki Halloween Parade is the biggest one in the Kanto area. The event draws thousands of costume-clad Halloween enthusiasts, and be prepared if you want to participate, as they get quite serious and elaborate about it. In other words, give up your idea of throwing a white sheet over your head to be a ghost. Registration is mandatory but expect a few ghouls in the wings.

When: Sunday Oct. 28, 14:30-16:00

Where: The east side of JR Kawasaki station (click here for details)

Tokyo Disneyland Halloween

On the other side of Tokyo, Disney characters have also been dressing up since early September for their annual Halloween Parade. An entire street is devoted to Halloween, and the parade occurs twice daily so it’s difficult to miss. By night, fireworks fill up the sky to the sounds of Disney’s finest Halloween music. The whole park is decorated according to the theme, so you still have a few more days to catch it.

When: Until Oct. 31

Where: Tokyo Disneyland, Chiba

Main Image: gaudiramone on flickr. Text by Vivian Morelli.



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