Gotanda Meat Festival


Vegetarians, avert your eyes. This festival is all about meat, meat, and more meat so, carnivorous types, prepare your stomach for a feast.

We know just how much Japan loves to designate a ‘famous’ dish for every region, or even neighborhood in Tokyo; Kagawa has its udon, Okayama has its peaches, Tsukishima has its monjayaki, and now apparently Gotanda has its meat. For a few years now, Gotanda has been boasting of its image as meat central.

For one day only, you can head down to Gotanda and experience all the meat you’ve been dreaming of all in one place. Heaps of free servings of yakiniku (we heard over 1,000 pieces!) will be given away, so grab a voucher at any of the surrounding affiliate restaurants, then hand it in to any man dressed in an orange happi robe sporting the kanji for meat: 肉

Get there early if you want to score the freebies, but if you happen to sleep in and arrive a bit too late, you can still shell out a few coins in exchange for a selection of grilled meats in the numerous stalls in the festival area. The event aims to promote and develop the Gotanda area as a “meat neighbourhood”, attracting meat-eaters for now the third year in a row.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday and hit a different kind of meat market…

Gotanda Meat Festival (Japanese)

When: Sunday Nov. 25, 10:00-16:00

Where: Osaki-bashi Square (see map)

Main image: avlxyz on Flickr



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