TOPEU sets up green racing, to be based in Hong Kong for 2014

EU sets up green racing, to be based in Hong Kong for 2014

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Global “Formula E” racing will introduce the world to the use of sustainable energy in 2014, Financial Times reported this week.

The Federation International de l’Automobile, along with a group of investors, plans to launch an electric car racing series following the European Commission’s aim to acquaint the car industry and the environment.

According to the FT, the Formula E championship will involve 10 teams and 20 drivers. Each team will be offered an evolution of a prototype vehicle developed by Formulec, a French electric racing car maker. The two-gear electric car will run on lithium-iron batteries that lasts for 25 minutes before needing charging. It has an acceleration of 0 to 100km/h in three seconds and can run a maximum speed of 220 km/h. The car weighs 780kg. The Formula races will be staged in cities that “prioritize the environment and clean mobility, with emerging markets”.

Formula E Holdings was awarded the commercial rights for the electric car championship. Alejandro Agag will be the chief executive of Formula E Holdings, to be based in Hong Kong. Mr. Agag, a former member of the European parliament, said: “We expect this championship to become the framework to research and development around the electric car, a key element for the future of our cities”.