TOPChinese city cancels Piranha bounty

Chinese city cancels Piranha bounty

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The southern city of Liuzhou cancelled a 1000-yuan ($157) reward for piranhas caught in a local river after too many “innocent fish” were killed, according to state-run China Daily.

Zhang Haibo, a resident, reported that he was bitten by a piranha and caught one of the fish as proof to show media. The reward raised concerns of the possibility of cheating: locals can buy the fish online for only 20 yuan. However, residents were enthusiastic in their hunt. Head of the Liuzhou fisheries bureau Wei Yongywen told China Daily that fishermen were using nets, catching native fish that died in the process.

No piranhas were caught since the announcement of the reward. Local authorities believe that residents will continue the hunt for the Amazonian predators even after cancelling the reward. Piranha catchers were asked to use fishing poles with hooks instead of indiscriminate nets.