47 Beer Festival


The idea at the D47 museum is to bring together the prefectures of Japan (there are, indeed 47 of them) and showcase their best cultural and traditional exports.

This time, it’s craft beer; and you are running out of time to try it! The D47 museum, on the 8th floor of the Hikarie building in Shibuya, has brought together microbreweries from each prefecture for a display of their individual approaches to brewing.

Go any time other than Sunday evening – between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. – though, and you might just be looking longingly at the labels and have to satisfy yourself with a takeaway/souvineer.

When Sunday night comes along, though, there is a two hour tasting session designed for swift drinkers. ¥2,500 buys you a glass with which you can top up and taste brews from each prefecture, all within the time period, and learn a little more about their provenance on the way. Check out the video below (in Japanese) for a visual taste test, and head along Sunday for your last chance…

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