Beijing has stripped Liu Zhijun of his railway minister post due to suspected involvement in bribery and announced that will face criminal proceedings, part of the government’s pursuit of a “smooth handover of power” for the approaching once-in-a-decade leadership transition.

China’s ambitions to build the biggest high-speed train network was hampered by mismanagement and corruption issues. Liu was said to have been procuring bribery out of deals with businesswoman Ding Yuxin, to help her investment company get “an enormous illegal profit”, Xinhua reports.

The railways ministry suffered a big blow when two bullet trains collided in Wenzhou, killing 40 people in July 2011. The government has announced that it will open the rail industry for private investment.

China has been experiencing a political confusion since the Bo Xilai controversy erupted, followed by his ally, Zhou Yongkang’s stepping down from his post.