TOPS. Korea seeks US missiles and helicopters

S. Korea seeks US missiles and helicopters

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The US Department of Defense is considering selling Harpoon Block II Missiles and Seahawk Helicopters to South Korea in a deal estimated at US$1.84 billion after a request by South Korea. The US Congress was notified of the possible sale of 18 missiles, 8 helicopters and associated parts, equipments, logical support and training.

The Harpoon Block II Missile is an anti-ship missile system which offers an expanded engagement envelope, enhanced resistance to electronic countermeasures and improved targeting. The Seahawk Helicopters are designed to conduct anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare and combat search-and-rescue.

The proposal taken in by the US Congress is said to be consistent with US objectives to balance security in East Asia by developing and maintaining South Korea’s military. US Congress recently voted to sell fighter jets to Taiwan to bolster the country’s military parallel to China’s military buildup.