What is a Choux Cring? It’s a choux cream pastry in the shape of a donut ring, filled with pastry cream and topped with glaze like a donut. Choux cream + ring shape = Choux Cring!

At 180 to 240 yen a pop, choux crings make a delicious snack while in transit in Omotesando (there’s a Choux Cring store inside the Marche de Metro on the B1 level in Omotesando station) or a great gift for friends or co-workers. Flavors range from vanilla and chocolate to matcha milk, cappuccino, and seasonal flavors, such as sakura cheese which was available during sakura season. My personal favorite is the¬†almond caramel choux cring – a perfect puff pastry ring filled with fluffy pastry cream, topped with a delicious caramel glaze and slivered almonds.

– Deb


Locations: Omotesando station, Echika Ikebukuro, Kawasaki