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Your career has taken several turns over the years, and you have worked as a musician, actor, composer and producer. How were you introduced to painting?

When I was 2 years old, my mother, who had been an art teacher at a college in Liverpool, would plunk down crayons and construction paper in front of me. I think whatever I am doing now is a logical extension of this.

Is this your first exhibition in Tokyo? Do you plan to do another here in the future?

Oh I hope so, but as yet we have no plans. I would like to do a show of prints like the one we are about to have in LA

Have you ever visited Tokyo?

Yes I have been there at least a dozen times, mostly with the band. But have not been in a long time.

From where do you draw inspiration for your artwork?

Nowhere in particular. Honest. Just seems to come floating in.

Have any other artists influenced your own work? Is there anyone in particular (artist, friend or family) who has inspired you?

A lot of people in one way and no one at all in another. But in the way that I have been influenced – Monet, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollack, Van Gogh, Jasper Johns, Gaugin, Bosch, Francis Bacon,

You have been painting for several years, correct? Why have you only recently started exhibiting your work?

I started showing stuff in 2003.

Your paintings are described by many to be full of raw emotion. Do you see painting as an ‘outlet’?

No I see it as something I am compelled to do.

Many of your paintings feature birds and other elements from nature. What is the symbolism or significance behind this?

None. I would do alligators but they are too hard to paint.

What other projects do you have planned for the future?

I am going to rest for the next 37 years and then write an opera about corn.

Interview by Kevin Jungnitsch