On to Goa…

I have traveled north out of Kerala to the popular beach locale of Goa, India’s smallest state.

My trip into Goa had me sharing a space on the train (my favorite way to travel in India) with a family from Mumbai. Food was shared, thanks to the wonderful world of technology we even enjoyed a popular Hindi movie, 3 Idiots.

I was treated to an interesting tour of the spice and herb garden with a horticulturist at the beautiful Leela Kempinski hotel in Southern Goa. Many of the plants were labeled to identify their medicinal uses, and I was thrilled to see this big cashew tree. No wonder cashews are expensive—a single nut grows from the base of a single cashew fruit (also used in cooking in India).

Planted landscapes are grown with great consideration since water shortage is an ever increasing reality.

Om shanti,



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