Acorn International School

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The guiding philosophy is to offer a learning space in English, where children become familiar with diverse cultures and grow as active individuals and global citizens of tomorrow.

The style of teaching is unique as to most other international schools here in Tokyo. School values the different cultures and traditions of the students and families. Children are encouraged to explore, create, share, give, respect of self, and others, individual, difference, and social responsibility. Co-operate, and work together or individually in a positive accepting and harmonious environment. The children are taught responsibilities, and given tasks that build their confidence. Children are constantly praised, or thanked for helping. Teachers also play an important role, by being a good role model, which helps children to copy and be the same.

Acorn International School offers several programs: Regular Preschool Program Mon - Fri.; Acorn Kids Club Mon - Fri (afternoons); Parents & Kids (Saturdays); Pre-entry Program (Saturdays); Summer School (July); Induction Week (August). Classes are in English. Binary Option Reality Platform

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