Miyabizakura hand-open long umbrella with braided cord handle


An elegant umbrella imbued with a Japanese touch, from fabric to handle

  • This western-style umbrella is imbued with Japanese elegance, as befits its elegant name in Japanese: “a graceful cherry blossom, hand-open, long umbrella with a braided cord handle.” The canopy is made from Koshu Ori, a fabric created exclusively for umbrellas, which is woven after the thread is dyed, making for an elegant and rich texture as well as a distinctive sheen. The handle is created from rare and valuable Japanese wild cherry, and skillfully wrapped with a braided cord inspired by kimono belts. Through meticulous craftsmanship involving more than 100 steps such as wooden pattern making, cutting, and sewing, this masterpiece umbrella exemplifies the beauty of Japan.

    Polyestel 100%/Iron/Natural Wood (Cherry)/ Oak

    Rib 60cm x 12 bones
    Full length 89cm


  • Type

    KT420A/60cm×12bones/Navy・Beige, KT420H/60cm×12bones/Beige・Brick, KT300EP/60cm×12bones/Black・Purple, KT300EK/60cm×12bones/Black・Pink, KT300EG/60cm×12bones/Black・Gray