KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set


Share the festive mood with mini kagamibiraki made with innovation and excellent

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  • KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set is a miniature version of Japan’s traditional kagamibiraki indispensable at celebratory events, which can be casually enjoyed at home. Normally, the cask used for kagamibiraki is at least 18L-size (diameter 40cm, height 40cm) while miniature version is available in much smaller size (diameter 18cm, height 17.5cm) that can be comfortably arranged on a table. The kagami-ita, or a lid of a cask, uses magnets so it can be broken open many times over. It can be used to serve not only sake but also juice or sweets ? so anyone from children to adults can enjoy it. The compact size is perfect for celebrating once-in-a-lifetime occasions such as weddings or other celebratory events with family and friends. KOMODARU-LINK Mini Kagamibiraki Set represents the wish to convey the Japanese omotenashi spirit in sharing festive feelings with everyone and with customers overseas.

    Size: D7cm × H17.5cm(720ml)
    Weight: 570g
    Each set contains: 1 Cask, 1 Kagami ita(board), 1 Mallet, 1 Ladle, 1 Red container, and 2 Masu cups. holds up to 720ml of sake/liquid

  • Design

    Sakuramori, Longevity, Good luck, PIGEON RELEASE, Goraiko, Song for celebration,

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