Clothes brush Type A


Natural brushes that are practical and glamorous at the same time.

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  • Brooms grown from the ground: these brooms, made from Japanese broomcorn curled in the cold mountain winds, elevate the traditional Japanese broom into a stylish item that can be also used to decorate your home. The unique curved tip of the broomcorn is both resilient and soft, which makes it perfect for sweeping not only hard floors but also dirt and pet hair from deep within carpets. This soft, natural material boasts a superb cleaning ability, but it is gentle enough to wipe dust even from fabric as soft as cashmere. The handle, which plays an important role in controlling the strength of the brushing, is made of wood that has been shaved carefully to fit comfortably in one’s hand. Available in three beautiful colors: natural, green, or orange.

    Type A: Wood made from Japanese Onoorekanba Birch (black, ebony)
    Type B: Wood made from Japanese Onoorekanba Birch (natural)

    Built-to-order (30 days until delivery)

    (Size) H23 cm ×W11 cm×D 5cm
    (Weight) Approximately 200gram

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