Maximizing Potential in Japan

Maximizing Potential in Japan

MPIJ began in December 2008 to address and TAKE ACTION with some of the Special Education/Learning Differences needs of students in the Kantou Plains area of Japan.

Bill Ward is certified in Special Education from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA and has been teaching and working with American and Japanese Schools since 2000.

MPIJ is a new school (Est. 2008) focusing on Special Education and/or students with learning differences from age 5 to 14. The school provides instruction and Special Ed services to students in small groups (maximum of 5), as well as one-on-one customized sessions.

Principal and Head Teacher Bill Ward is certified in Special Education from Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA, so implementation and/or creation of IEPs is possible. Teaching is carried out using the three primary learning and retention modalities: 1) Auditory, 2) Visual, and 3) Kinesthetic. Music and Movement is included in the curriculum, utilizing a full-size upright piano, percussion equipment, guitar, mandolin and assorted other instruments. A balanced program including Art, Dance, Juggling, and Magic is offered to supplement the traditional academic areas of Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies and the Sciences. Field Trips are scheduled on a regular basis, to provide students with the opportunity to learn from the world around them.

Kindergarden, Elementary School, Middle school
Ai International School (4F), 5-4-4 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo 152-0035