LCA Kokusai Elementary School

LCA Kokusai Elementary School

LCA is a private Japanese school which follows the Japanese National Curriculum.

LCA  gives the students the strength of knowledge in two languages, Japanese and English. From the first grade most courses are taught in English following the Japanese National Curriculum. As students progress to the six grade, many core courses are
taught in Japanese to maintain a balance in both languages.

LCA  requires the students to have a strong understanding of both English and Japanese. All students are required to take an entrance test both in English and Japanese, and a parent interview will also be conducted.

Other Programs:
– Spring School / Summer School / Summer Camp
They offer great programs during the Spring and Summer times. Crafts, activities, physical education…These courses are mostly aimed at giving students an opportunity to enjoy these programs while using English.

– Saturday SIE (Subjects in English)
The Saturday 3 hour courses are divided into ESL and Mainstream courses. ‐ESL Courses focus on teaching students English (Speaking, reading, writing and comprehension). Mainstream courses are for high level to fluent English speakers who aim to maintain
their English skills. Many other subjects are taught to
AM SESSION: 10:00 – 13:00
PM SESSION: 14:30 – 17:30

Elementary School
2-3-15 Yokoyamadai, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture 229-1121
  • LCA Kokusai Elementary School
  • LCA Kokusai Elementary School
  • LCA Kokusai Elementary School