YMCA International Kindergarten

YMCA International Kindergarten

The YIK learning environment was designed with warmth  and a gentle atmosphere in mind. The floors, wainscoting  and furniture were custom built and made of Japanese Cypress (hinoki). The tables and chairs were all made to  order and graded according to age and class.  The wood is finished with a mixture of linseed oil and  beeswax, both of which are environmentally friendly  substances and not likely to cause allergies.

The toys are carefully selected and most are made from wood and cloth which add  warmth to the classroom. Many of the toys have been imported from abroad to give the  children a feel for things from other lands.

To meet the needs of active children, we have a jungle-gym,  a sandbox and a large, open space in which to run and  play on our roof-top playground. In the summer,  water play on the roof with hoses, pools, sprinklers and  watering cans is very popular. Also, being in the centre of  the city gives us easy access to The Hiroshima Castle Park,  Hanover Garden and the promenade in the precincts  of the prefectural office. Teachers often take the children for a walk to explore and to commune with nature.

A preschool is attached to the International Kindergarten. Children can enjoy various activities according to their interests. They learn to do things while interacting with one another and build their social skills.

Children are exposed to English. A native English teacher will read picture books, play games and sing songs with the children. The YIK classes are kept small and there are two teachers assigned to each class, one teacher is a English speaking teacher and one teacher is a licensed Japanese teacher who speaks English well.

The After-school programme  is playful in spirit,  but is carefully designed to provide cultural enrichment for our foreign children.  The programme is rich in traditional Japanese games, songs, finger-plays, and craft activities such as origami.

When the weather permits, the games and activities shift to our outdoor rooftop play area,  providing fresh air and space that all of our young learners require.

The YMCA International Kindergarten & Preschool Kindy Club Programmes (After-school Programmes) provides a safe and secure environment where parents can leave their children during the day. There are two systems. The first is the regular year-long After-school Programmes and the second programme provides for care as required on a day by day basis.

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