New World International School

New World International School

International school striving to provide educational excellence for children aged 1 – 12 years old, based in Sengawa, Tokyo. They have students who live in Chofu, Komae, Mitaka, Setagaya as well as many other areas.

School’s aim is to foster intellectual curiosity, physical prowess and an appreciation for society and the environment. The themed curricula include song and craft activities, small and gross motor skills, language, mathematics with a strong focus on English language development. All activities focus on our students’ natural curiosity and desire for fun and are conducted in an English environment.

New World International School will ensure the following for your children:
– A safe, happy and loving environment.
– Understanding that your child is unique and giving an appropriate curriculum and suitable encouragement.
– Opportunities for feelings of success and inspiring a desire to learn about new things.
– Provide education (math, language, knowledge) through play and fun activities.
– Gain a variety of experiences, develop self-esteem and learn to respect others.

– Develop basic language including vocabulary (calendar, weather, actions, emotions, animals,etc.) and grammar. Basic classroom English will be promoted and students will be expected to use full sentences (not ‘Toilet, please.’ but ‘May I use the toilet?’)
– Develop public speaking skill (questions and answers, Show and Tell, etc.) to build confidence and help students learn to express themselves in front of friends.
– A rich reading program will develop reading skills through four stages (Alphabet Awareness, Emergent Reading, Early Reading, Transitional Reading). Phonics, rhyming, word families and high frequency words will be central elements of learning how to read.
– Poem/Story time (predicting, summarizing, understanding cultures)
– Writing program (scribbling, drawing, journals)

Ladybug (2 year olds)
New classroom designed specifically for curious and energetic two-year olds. This class is designed to introduce your little ones to their first academic experience. Small class size allows us to ensure that each child receives the care, attention and support they need when they are learning how to interact in the classroom environment and with peers.

Preschool (3 year olds)
This class is for 3 year olds, and provides a curriculum which aims at giving children a strong foundation intellectually, physically and socially.

The program also incorporates math and science, language art, gross motor skills and learning centers, which are areas within the classroom that define a special focus (Discovery/Science Area, Art Area, Fine Motor Skills Area, Dramatics Area, Construction Area, Book Area and a Soft Area).

Kindergarten (4-6 year olds)
Children are at the Pre-logical Thinking Stage during their kindergarten years, and school aims to help them fully develop four important abilities : Observation, Assumption, Logical Thinking and Mother Tongue.

Here at NWIS  Kindergarten is considered to be a place where children are preparing for Elementary School, so it is vital that they can acquire the necessary skills to enter this next stage of their educational career. This approach is the norm in Western culture, and we believe it will greatly benefit children’s lives. Students in the kindergarten program at NWIS will learn basic Mathematics, reading & writing in English, pattern recognition, prediction and more.

Daycare Service
A fun program for Pre School and Kindergarten aged children. There are no specific learning objectives within Day Care, as the emphasis is on having fun and playing with friends and teachers. Day care is available for only NWIS members (Preschool, Kindergarten, Afterschool) by reservation only.

NWIS offers a comprehensive range of Special Courses for Spring, Summer and Winter. They are divided into 3 groups – Pre School, Kindergarten and Elementary and study topics that are intellectually stimulating and aim to spark a sense of curiosity, all within an English language environment.

Kindergarden, Pre-school
182 – 0002 Annex 2 – 101, Sengawa Avenue, 1-24-38 Sengawa-Cho, Chofu-shi , Tokyo
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