Kids International School

Kids International School

Kids International was established in 2003 as an English-language center where games and songs are used to develop skills in language, music, dance and art.

All of the classes offer and operate in all English environments to foster the natural acquisition of English for children through play, singing, eating and enjoying with our bilingual staff and native English speaking teachers who run the classes.

[6mths ~ 2 yrs]

This class is designed for mothers and children together. The class introduces very simple language through songs, activities and play for both mothers and children. Each month mothers study some simple English phrases while introducing simple words to the children with fun age appropriate activities. Exposure to English at this age with a native English speaking teacher as a guide will construct a valuable foundation for the future.

First Adventure:
[18mths ~ 2 1/2 yrs]

Children will observe the unique rhythm and sound of English naturally through songs, movements and craft activities. As a preparatory class for preschool, this class is the place where children will start to become independent, learn to interact with others and gain confidence.

[2 1/2 yrs ~4yrs]

This class fosters a familiarity, with and an interest in English by immersing children in a full preschool day with native English speaking teachers and friends. Along with a monthly theme, children will sing songs, dance, go for walks, play games, read books and make crafts.

After School
[3 ~ 6 yrs (kindergarteners)]

This class offers cooking, nature observations, experiments and learning about different cultures to expand the field of English from what the child has already learned. Children will also learn about spelling and phonics through worksheets, games and chants. As a rule, this class is recommended to all kindergarteners.

After School Elementary
[First to Third grade]

This class is for children who wish to continue studying English once they have entered elementary school. The class aims to further develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English with more age appropriate themes including culture, science and math. This class is also open for children without any prior knowledge of English, though we would recommend taking this class in conjunction with a Super Kids beginner class in this case.

Super Kids
[5 years ~ 12 years old(6th grade)]

Over the course of one year students will learn English through story based textbooks and activity books, they will also be given regular homework. Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will all be covered in this class within a small graded group of students ranging beginner to level 3. It is recommended for those who wish to learn English in a concentrated short period of time. Several levels are available from Beginner to level 6. Super Kids Beginner would be recommended for elementary age children with no prior knowledge of English language.

Art and music lessons are also available.

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