Keiki Intercultural Preschool

Keiki Intercultural Preschool

Keiki Intercultural Preschool is an international kindergarten and preschool located in Setagaya-ku (10 and 15 minutes walking distance from Seisen International School and St. Mary’s International School). They accept children from 15 months to 6 years of age with various international backgrounds, and create a learning environment that is caring and fun for each child.

Their teaching philosophy is based on the principles of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), a United States organization where the school teachers are active members.

Keiki “Intercultural” Preschool provides a setting for the children from different backgrounds to share their culture, tradition, religion, and at certain times their language. KIP offers a toddler program; a preschool program for children aged 3.5-4.5 yrs old, that aims to assist the children in acquiring life skills, by introducing them to learning centers that encompass a variety of hands on activities, and that helps children in reading skills, language skills, math skills, social and physical skills; a kindergarten program (4.5-6 yrs) that will expand the developmental aspects of their individual growth and that will expose children to academics while continuing to focus on self-esteem and independence through our enrichment activities. This program provides a lengthened academic day along with plenty of time for social skills work and free-play time. The core of the program will be reading, oral and written language skills, and pre-first grade mathematics. Various special and afterschool programs are also offered

Extra Curricular Programs:

Music and Movement
French on Fridays
Jump Start Japanese!
Parents English Classes
Birthday Parties at Keiki

After School Programs:

Kinder grade
Elementry grade
Evening program

Saturday Kids Club

Seasonal Programs:

Summer school
Winter school
Spring school
Young adventures club
Journalism work shop
Express yourself workshop

Kindergarden, Pre-school
(03) 3703 8778
Nakamachi 4-5-8, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 158-0091
  • Keiki Intercultural Preschool
  • Keiki Intercultural Preschool
  • Keiki Intercultural Preschool